A high-quality guarantee comes with the purchase of a quality product.

Barbacoa.PRO offers you a 25 year guarantee on the ceramic parts of the barbacoa.PRO

You can read the warranty conditions below.

This guarantee applies to every first owner on the buyer who bought the product from our webshop, authorized representative or authorized dealer. The guarantee can not be transferred to third parties. Recognized parties in these are those parties that are listed as such on the website of barbacoa.PRO at the time of the purchase of the product. This is subject to the condition that the buyer has registered the guarantee. Registration of the warranty with a purchase from the webshop takes place automatically. Registration of the guarantee upon purchase via the aforementioned intermediaries can take place via the latter provided that the data of the transferee are passed on (name, address city, e-mail address and copy purchase invoice). The transferee receives a confirmation by e-mail from the barbacoa.PRO B.V. after receiving this data. The guarantee will then take effect retroactively on the date of purchase of the product. This warranty is in addition to and does not affect any statutory rights that may apply to the transferee.

The guarantee does not apply if damage occurs on the guaranteed parts by:

  • improper use, abuse and negligence
  • breakage due to fall and / or contact damage with other objects
  • incorrect storage
  • transport damage
  • damage as a result of flooding, storm or other natural violence

The warranty does not apply to scratches, dents, chips, crazing, fading and small cosmetic cracks on the outside of the glaze that do not affect the performance of the product.

Parts that are covered by the warranty and have a defect will, at the discretion of barbacoa.PRO B.V. can be repaired and / or replaced free of charge. Each warranty claim must be accompanied by a good description of the defect and / or problem and, if requested, a visual proof of the defect or defect.

The guarantee applies to products that are sold and used in the Netherlands.

The warranty expires if changes, changes and / or repairs to the product are carried out by other than by barbacoa.PRO B.V. authorized parties.