The safety of our product depends on the way in which you use it. For optimal safe enjoyment, you can view our instruction here.


For the optimal functioning of a kamado grill, coarse charcoal is ideal. Grit and or briquettes really work less. Coarse charcoal allows a good supply of oxygen. In addition, coarse charcoal ensures a long-term and uniform heat release. If there is a preference to use briquettes, consult us for proper advice.

Use odor-free production wools and no firelighters for lighting. This is to avoid spicy food.

Place the charcoal on the black metal plate of your kamado grill. Adjust the amount to the amount and time you think you are going to cook. Estimating the right amount is a matter of gaining experience. Do not overfill your grill, however, and keep the air inlet slider on the underside of the front free in view of the oxygen supply. Place the production wool between the charcoal and not on it.

Open the air inlet slider fully and also open the air outlet on the top of the lid of your grill.

Light the production beads with a long match or a special BBQ lighter.

Using suitable means and using suitable gloves, place the accessories you need for cooking, such as the grill grid or oven stone.

As soon as the grill starts to burn well after a few minutes, the lid can be closed.

Install and assemble this with the accompanying instructions.


Very coarse Charcoal is the most ideal to use. No grit because that only clogs the air grate. Better not to use briquettes!

Best is the barbacoa.PRO charcoal. These are exactly the same specially created chunks.

Depending on the size of your barbacoa.PRO and for which dish you want to use it in the coming hours, you fill the bottom. Put the charcoal on the black metal plate. Always do this in such a way that there is a lot of oxygen through the bottom air grate and along your charcoal. Put a number of odor-free firelighters in between, do not put on the charcoal.

Put the bottom slider with the barbacoa.PRO logo completely open, in the highest way. Do this also at the top near the chimney, put it in the most open position.

Light the firelighter with a long match or special lighter (all other attributes except a lucky lighter we strongly recommend) and close after a few minutes when you see that it is nice fire, the lid.

Depending on the application, you will do the follow-up steps.

Meanwhile (while you have a look or everything is clean) you can see the temperature slowly rise to 70 degrees Celsius, at 70 degrees you put the lower air grate on half in terms of opening.

You also do this with the upper air grille by changing the large opening in the ring with the small openings, which can be pinched even more later.

Because of less oxygen, less charcoal will now glow and the temperature will rise more slowly. If you notice that the temperature is going down, there must be a little more air, at first at the top, that is not enough, then at the bottom open again, you have too much pinched there is too little oxygen (in some cases too little firelighters or just too little charcoal).

If the temperature then slowly rises, you will close everything up to half of the current openings below and above. After 7 to 8 minutes per step you are at your target, then watch this for 5 minutes whether the temperature remains constant and then place the relevant accessories with the correct safety steps and materials in the right position.

You probably will not have mastered this in 1 x but after a few times it will certainly work. Always use the same type of charcoal in terms of sizes and weights and this has an entirely different effect in the steps and results to be made.


It can certainly happen in the beginning that you have used too little charcoal or that you have to refill a little charcoal for another reason. Lift the upper accessories with the appropriate auxiliary and special gloves. Stir with the poker through the remnants of charcoal and ash, the ash will fall through the holes. Depending on what you have to prepare, add a little charcoal again. Maybe even one or more firelighters, if you are on time can by means of the supply and discharge of air everything again start burning.

When you are done enjoying your barbacoa.PRO, stir through the remnants again and leave the still large parts just for tomorrow, or another time.

Now remove all ash from the bottom with the aspook, collect it in a container if you wish, you can also buy a special collection tray for this.

Clean what you have made dirty.


As soon as the grill has reached 70 degrees Celsius, close the air supply and discharge for half. Then you let the temperature rise to the desired operating temperature. This usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes. By varying the air supply and discharge you can achieve the various desired working temperatures. This usually takes a few minutes and is obviously a matter of gaining experience.

It is recommended to always use the same sizes and weights of charcoal. This makes it EASIER to quickly set the right temperature.


Use suitable tools and suitable gloves for this purpose. Stir in a burnt charcoal and ashes through the lower holes. Then fill in charcoal as needed and possibly one or more production wools.


When you have finished using the appliance, you can stir and remove the remains of the charcoal with an aspook through the lower holes. Large pieces of charcoal can simply be left out for the next time. Please note that the ceramics and therefore also the stainless steel parts cool down only slowly. It is recommended to clean used accessories and parts after use.


Never put the barbacoa.PRO under low trees and branches on sloping or uneven ground. Make sure that you always lock the casters when the barbacoa.PRO is in place, this of course also counts for the swivel wheels of our table. Never move the barbacoa.PRO if you use it or if the charcoal is still hot!

Transport with the table, always first place the wooden wedges between the barbacoa.PRO and the table top. If you are going to transport always make sure that this happens with patience and smooth without obstacles on the floor. In case of a bump or obstacle, ask for an extra hand to lift and / or accompany someone in the neighborhood.


Light the barbacoa.PRO and lift the lid a few times in the beginning a few times before you open it completely, in this way the air will flow in slowly and you will be able to prevent flashback. Always be on your guard when you open the babrbacoa.PRO that all air regulators are in place, because of the sudden influx of fresh air, high flames can occur. If there are high flames then immediately close the lid and the air regulators to extinguish the flames, then open the barbacoa.PRO again very carefully. We advise you to always wear heat resistant gloves and to protect yourself well.


In order to grab and lift hot grates, we advise you to do this with the aid of, for example, the shaft and a heat resistant glove. Always pick up the toast in the middle and make sure it is well balanced. We always recommend to wear a special heat-resistant glove to adjust these red-hot metal parts to the place where they can lie outside the reach of children and animals.


Never remove or adjust fire basket during use or just after. This is also not allowed if there is still hot charcoal in the barbacoa.PRO. Never remove hot charcoal from the barbacoa.PRO. The internal ceramic part of the barbacoa.PRO remains hot for a long time, treat your barbacoa.PRO always extremely careful and with care. This prevents dangerous situations and will benefit the lifespan of your barbacao.PRO.


Unfortunately, you can not continuously look inside what’s happening to beautiful things. Also do not do this through the chimney! Even if the charcoal has just been lit. You can burn or scald the hot air coming through the chimney, with all its consequences.


Pay extra attention to children and animals, the outside is often as hot as the inside and stays warm for a long time after use. The outside is HOT when it is in use. Make sure you always keep flammable materials away from the barbacoa.PRO.


The removal of hot objects such as grill grid, pizza stone or other accessories from the barbacoa.PRO must be done with the utmost caution. These parts are very hot after use but the ceramic is also VERY fragile. If you remove the grid or other parts from the barbacoa.PRO and they are still hot then make sure you place them somewhere that no one can burn. Choose a place where they lie firmly and can not slip off anywhere or maybe cause a fire in another way. Do not place them on flammable surfaces. Never forget to use your heat-resistant gloves and your gripping tool, to prevent burns.

THE barbacoa.PRO OUT

Never throw water on the charcoal in the barbacoa.PRO to make the barbacoa.PRO. Simply close both air controls and the charcoal will go out by itself.


Do not leave the lid of a burning barbacoa.PRO open if you are not there yourself. Make sure that there are no dry plants, trees, shrubs, wooden floors and other highly flammable materials in the vicinity of your barbacoa.PRO when in use. If you use the barbacoa.PRO during camping and / or picnics, remember that open flames and whether the sparks are dangerous for persons and belongings, but pay attention to nature. Also take into account the local regulations / regulations for the use of BBQs in the open nature.


Only do this in consultation with your point of sale. When purchasing your barbacoa.PRO online we can not approve indoor use.


If you follow these safety guidelines you can have years of problem-free fun of your barbacoa.PRO. Of course, the responsibility lies with the user, at all times be careful with opening and closing. Be careful when lighting the charcoal and using and storing hot grill surfaces and other accessories.


Cooking without knowledge can but is usually nothing. That is why barbacoa.PRO provides courses and demonstrations on request


Of course you can ‘BBQ’ on your barbacoa.PRO. However, the list is much longer. Slow cooking, quick grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, cooking, steaming …. everything is possible.


Smoking is becoming increasingly popular. Light or heavy smoking of food and with which is an adventure and sometimes also a process of ‘trial & error’. For more information about smoking food, click here.